Knocknashee Archaeology Project

Project: The Knocknashee Archaeology Project

Location: Knocknashee, Lavagh, Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo

Year: 2016-ongoing

Client: Dr. Dirk Brandherm, Queen’s University Belfast

Funding: Royal Irish Academy Grant (2016, 2017)

Aim: The purpose of the geophysical surveys was to assess hut sites on the plateau of Knocknashee, a hillfort complex which also contains two Passage Tombs. In 2016 the entire hillfort interior – more than 20 ha in size – was assessed with Magnetic Susceptibility to identify zonations of activity. Specific clusters of huts and enclosures were further investigated with high resolution Magnetometry and Earth Resistance surveys. The 2017 survey used the ‘Earthwalker’ Magnetometer array across the southern half of the plateau and targeted Metal Detection surveys.

Social Media: Knocknashee Archaeology Project Facebook Page

Outcomes: The 2016 geophysical survey results are currently being written up for publication in a future edition of Emania. The results were used to target a series of excavations in 2017, under the direction of Dr. Dirk Brandherm.

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