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In addition to our geophysical surveying, reporting, public outreach and community archaeology, Earthsound has also featured in national and international media as well as continuing a profile in published academia. The following is a selection of some of the media appearances which have featured Earthsound projects and staff as well as some examples of our published work:

Media Appearances

  • Bronze Age Ringfort among sites discovered on Macroom Road Route. Article in the Irish Examiner detailing the archaeological work carried out on the N22 Macroom-Baile Bhúirne road-scheme in County Cork,, August 2017.
  • Creedon’s Epic East. Earthsound surveying the RIC Barracks in Annacarty, County Tipperary. As part of a series originally broadcast in the Autumn of 2016, Transmitted 14 August 2016, RTÉ Cork.

Heather Gimson of Earthsound and Mick Drumm of Wolfhound Archaeology being interviewed by John Creedon for RTÉ’s “Creedon’s Epic East”

  • The Lie of the Land.  This 5-part radio series was produced, written and presented by Earthsound’s Darren Regan and also featured contributions from Earthsound’s Heather Gimson and James Bonsall. Transmitted 13 August 2013, Claremorris Community Radio.
  • Secrets of the Stones: God’s Architects – Ground Penetrating Radar Survey at Clonmacnoise. Documentary for RTÉ Factual Series, Transmitted 4 May 2009, 52 minutes, RTÉ Cork.
  • Schrödinger’s Katt – Ground Penetrating Radar and Magnetometer Survey on Storbreen Glacier, Oppdal, Norway. Documentary for NRK Factual Series, Transmitted 23rd October 2008, NRK, Norway.

Nyheter – Geophysical Surveys at Haug, Stiklestad, Norway, filmed for NRK, Norway. Transmitted 2007, NRK.

  • UTV Live – Report on Archaeological work at Binders Cove, Finnis, Dromara, Co. Down. Contributor and participant on report, UTV Television, Transmitted 24 April 2003.


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