Metal Detection

Metal detection survey with responses being recorded with an RTK-GPS system

Metal detectors are capable of detecting and identifying metallic items within the upper layers of the soil. Metal detectors can be used as a prospection tool enabling the location of any metallic remains to be logged without retrieving the finds. This provides a  powerful tool when used prior to excavation or in a research context, as an addition to field assessments or field walking surveys.

Alternatively metal detection surveys can be conducted as part of a recovery scheme within excavations. Earthsound carry out metal detector assessments to systematically survey and digitally record the location of metal finds using an RTK GPS, or to plot a distribution map of metal hits without the need for excavation.

All metal detector users are legally obliged to operate in Ireland and Northern Ireland under strictly enforced government consents. As professionals, Earthsound adhere to all legal requirements regarding the use of metal detectors and support the responsible use of metal detecting as laid out in current legislation and guidelines.


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