Magnetic Susceptibility

Magnetic Susceptibility is a rapid reconnaissance technique that can provide a broad assessment of large sites. It is often used to identify areas of interest to develop a detailed geophysical strategy. Magnetic Susceptibility surveys can also be used within excavation areas, mapping individual features, divisions or zones. Earthsound often supplement other survey techniques, such  as magnetometer investigations, with Magnetic Susceptibility surveys. Magnetic Susceptibility usefully indicates the ability of a soil to become magnetised, which has implications for the success or otherwise of a magnetometer survey and is influenced by environmental, geological, agricultural and archaeological sources. Soils are assessed in the field using a hand-held device placed upon the ground surface; its susceptibility to a temporary magnetic field is recorded using a GPS, creating a digital basemap of potential archaeological activity.

A wintery Magnetic Susceptibility survey being carried out

An example of data acquired from a Magnetic Susceptibility survey

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